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Foot & Ankle Pain

Is Your Ankle/Foot Pain Making It Difficult to Walk, Run, Jump, Descend Stairs, or Perform Your Daily or Household Duties?

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We treat the following common ankle and foot problems:

The Most Common Reasons

1. Impaired Mechanics: restricted range of motion due to joint stiffness or decreased muscle flexibility; weakness and muscle imbalance contribute to impaired joint stability.

2. Injuries occur as a result of a sudden impact or stress on the tissue.

3. Chronic compensations: a previous injury or fear of future harm may cause avoidance of exercise in certain muscle groups while overusing others.

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Ankle and Foot Treatments

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“My patients get better so much faster than any other location I’ve worked at because we can give them one-on-one care, take time to answer their questions, & make sure they have a plan of care that works for them.”

- Brian S.

“They are wonderful. The exercises and stretching are set up to where I want do them. I have made great progress. Very happy with them.”

- Janara F.

“I would highly recommend. Jaime was a life saver for me while playing college basketball. Saw great improvement while being in her care. I’ve went to many physical therapist and I think she gave me the help and attention that I truly needed. She is amazing at what she does and I will be forever grateful!”